A society where we all can live together on equal terms to racism, fascism and right wing extremism
For diversity, tolerance och openness!  One for all - all for one
Our Mission and Vision
Our mission statement states, among other things:

- Everyone is entitled to their culture and to exercise their religion, no matter where we are born somewhere.
-  We believe in a human refugee and aid policy.
-  We believe in diversity and it enriches society, social, economic and equality for all.
-  We believe that cultures and different artistic expressions grow and flourish in the meeting with each other.
A vision of creating a better society to influence structures and norms. But in order to change a structure
people who dare to stand up for their opinions are also needed and say when they think something is wrong
Discrimination, hate crime, hate against people's groups and the creation of myths, for example, about immigrants, we must see as a racist pattern of behavior that is due to nothing but ignorance. It is a structural problem that people expose some Groups for these things, whether conscious or unconscious. Everyone that helps to recreate and strengthen racist structures may not be racists, but these actions are based on thoughts and ideas about that some People are not as much worth, -values that remain in our society for a long time.

The anti-racial society is thus a society based on acceptance and inclusion. Where we defend democracy,
diversity and equal value of all people. It is a society that works together against discriminatory structures and
for structures that create a society that is open to all. Society characterized by our motto -
One for all. All for one!
A broad popular movement against racism and fascism

The fight against racism and xenophobia must be carried out in a broad anti-racist movement of all the people who defend everyone's equal worth, fight against structural and state racism, and dare to resist the human-hostile messages of the Swedish Democrats and other organizations. Such an anti-racist movement requires strong public support from all walks of life. We welcome cooperation and we are together - parties, organizations, companies, churches and individuals - who have the main responsibility for pushing anti-racial opinion work.

It is not possible to fight racism by pretending that it is not available, and therefore we DO NOT invite people to stay home when the fascists demonstrate. We will show that we are many and we are taking the debate with people in their everyday lives. We take the challenge where people meet and interact - at workplaces, in residential areas, schools, churches, in cash queues in the shop, streets and squares. Yes, wherever we meet,-

Now we take a stand together against intolerance, racism and xenophobia in Hälsingland and Sweden
For diversity, tolerance and openness!  One for all - all for one
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Hälsingland Sweden against racism och fascism!
Diversity, tolerance and openness
The whole of Sweden together
Racism is everyones responsibility
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