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Now we take a stand together against intolerance, racism and xenophobia in Hälsingland and Sweden
Action against racism in Sweden and Europe
Below are a lot of communities, actors and organizations that have dissociated themselves against racism and fascism, describing how the work is carried put in an active and inspring way.
The European coalition of cities and communities against racism

The international coalition of cities against racism is an initiative which started by UNESCO 2004 and introduced in connection with the fourth European City Conference for human rights in Nürnberg 9-10 December 2004, to create a network of cities and communities which wants to exchange experiences to improve their action programs.

Swedish Communes participating in the network nätverke: Botkyrka, Eskilstuna, Göteborg, Huddinge, Kalmar, Lund, Malmö, Mora, Nyköping, Sundbyberg, Säter, Södertälje, Trelleborg, Piteå, Uppsala, Växjö and the communes in Örebro county.
The Discrimination Representative (DO) is also part of the network.
Soccer Football Against Racism. Give racism a red card!

Give Racism Red Card (GRRC) is a campaign where clubs, players and the crowd forcefully take action against racism and other forms of intolerance and discrimination on and around the arenas.

Read more: > http://www.fotbollmotrasism.se/

Centre against racism

Centre against racism is a party political and religious uncommitted non profit umbrella organization which works against racism.

Read more: > http://www.cmr.nu/centrum/vara-medlemsorganisationer/

Youth against racism

In Youth Against Racism there are several different ways YOU can become absorbed in. Engage yourself in one of the societies most important questions and you get the opportunity to get influence levels. You choose your own level of engagement; vare sig det handlar om ett passivt stöd eller ett aktivt engagemang inom riksorganisationen så är ditt medlemskap ett stort stöd i den antirasistiska kampen som vi driver.

Read more: > http://www.umr.nu/engagera/

Sweden against racism

Sweden against racism is a national cooperation organization for different organizations and groups, which are working against racism and discrimination in Sweden.

Read more: > http://sverigemotrasism.se/index.php/aktoerer-i-sverige

Musicians against racism

Read more: > http://musikermotrasism.se

ENAR foundation

The first anti-racism foundation in Europe, the ENAR Foundation was set up by the European Network Against Racism

Read more: > http://www.enarfoundation.eu/

”Not racist, but…”

Examining the party Swedish Democrats SD and showing all the inexhaustible source of humor and treats that the party and its leader stand for.

Read more: > http://www.interasistmen.se/

Adult education association

Adult education against racism

Read: > http://studieforbunden.se/medlemsservice/folkbildning-mot-rasism/
Workers against racism

Workers against racism - a cooperation against racism in the society and in the work place.

Read more: > http://www.jobbaremotrasism.se/

Organizations against racism and discrimination

Organizations, action groups and network against racism and discrimination

Read more: http://www.immi.se/organisationer/antirasistiska-organisationer

Centre for justice

Nobody shall be expelled from school or work place because of gender or ethnical background.

Read more: > http://centrumforrattvisa.se/


EXPO challenges intolerance trough examination, and preventive work in education and by absorbing anti racists. And paying attention to different treats and intolerance growing in the open society.

Read more: > http://expo.se/

RED CROSS - Finland

Read more: 


UMO - Youth reception

Racism is to treat humans in different ways from how they look or what background they have. Mostly it is due to prejudice, thus thinking that some people are in certain different ways, without knowing them.

Read more: > http://www.umo.se/Vald--krankningar/Rasism/

History about racism

Racism is based on the old ideas hat humans can be divided into different ”races” with certain characteristics and diferent values.A contributing factor that the trantlantic slavery could last so long, was the view of Africans as being an inferior ”race”. Race thinking was also an important factor for the Holocaust and other genocide during the1900s.

Read more: > http://www.levandehistoria.se/fakta-fordjupning/rasism

Teachers association

Show that you stand up for a variety of activities!

Read : https://www.lararforbundet.se/artiklar/visa-att-du-ar-for-mangfald

Libraries against racism

Common manifestation at the counties libraries, available for all people.

Read more:


More has to be done in Sweden to stop racism

Read  more: > http://www.fn.se/press/nyheter/mer-maste-goras-mot-rasism-i-sverige/
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