About us - "We are Hälsingland" against racism och fascism
Racism claims that certain people are less worth due to race, culture or origin. Racism is anti democratic.. Democracy presumes that all humans are given the same value and rights. Racism contravenes
UNs declaration about Human Rights. Article 1.

Rasismen are widespread and it is difficult to work on it on a large scale, so there are now different organizations against racism dealing with local problems that racism is taking. Working against racism can be very difficult because racism is not always clear, and it is a lot about learning and training rather than trying to combat racism directly. It is, after all, people practicing racism, so educating and informing people about what racism is, how it can be countered and what kind of racism it actually exists in society is therefore one of the many options available to counter racism.

We are Hälsingland mot rasism och fascism against racism and fascism does not work quite unexpectedly in Hälsingland, but will help elsewhere with information and participation in demonstrations and the like. Now if ever we need anti-racism and we must all understand that it is our responsibility to actively respond to racism - in everyday life, at school, in the workplace and in politics. There is no longer the possibility of inaction and passivity.
"We are Hälsingland" take a clear distance from and fight the growing racism and fascism. We are a free network with no ties to politics and religion for actions here in Hälsingland and Sweden.

We started our work the spring in 2014. The reason was that racism and fascism started spread on streets and squares and in media. What really motivated us, was when we discovered painted swasticas on parking lots and stickers with Hitler pictures posted here and there in Edsbyn. Then we started our engagement.
Since November 2016 we are cooperating with
"We are Dalarna"
"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

                      - Albert Einstein
all men and women on this globe
are your brothers and sisters
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We are Hälsingland against racism. Edsbyn
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Demokracy can never tolererate racism and fascism
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Hälsingland Sweden against racism och fascism!
Diversity, tolerance and openness
The whole of Sweden together
Now we take a stand together against intolerance, racism and xenophobia in Hälsingland and Sweden
Racism is everybodys responsibility